Technical Details

  • Hardware Infrastructure

    All SuiteOne Media systems reside upon state of the art servers.

    Each server has redundant drives, redundant processors, and redundant power supplies.

    All routers, firewalls, web servers, application servers, and database servers are backed up with redundant stand-by servers ready to take over in real time.

  • Data Centers

    All SuiteOne Media production equipment is located in multiple world-class network operations data centers.

    All data centers have been specifically built to safeguard mission critical data and accommodate future growth and change.

    Data and content is systematically backed up, via secure channels, to separate storage areas to minimize the impact of a catastrophic event.

  • System Availability

    Each component of the SuiteOne Media architecture is completely redundant.

    We have web farms with a number of Windows 2008 IIS and Media servers, utilizing a complex load balancing process.

    We have Microsoft SQL Servers that perform real time replication, allowing mirrored servers to take over in the event of an outage.

  • Application Security

    Each customer’s system is built upon its own completely independent data storage platform and application instance in the SuiteOne Cloud.

    The system architecture is tiered so that the application only accesses the business layer objects, which only access their respective data access objects.

    The data access objects contain compiled security tokens specific to each customer.

    No direct access from the application to the database is possible, providing the highest level of application security.

  • Data Backups

    Full nightly backups are performed and stored on a separate content network.

    Full weekly backups are performed and moved to separate storage areas via secure channels.

  • Network Recommendations

    SuiteOne recommends customers transmit streams of 300kbps or more for optimal performance

Our Green IT Initiative

The foundation of a green technology strategy is energy efficiency. We are committed to making our infrastructure as energy efficient as possible with lower power consumption and real-time power utilization monitoring.

Our Green IT program doesn’t stop when the equipment is no longer useful. End of life equipment can have a significant impact on the environment. We ensure all equipment is either reused or recycled properly.

In addition, we are constantly engaging our peers and vendors to identify and adopt smarter energy practices.