• High Quality Content Anywhere

    Your constituents can now access meeting content on our reliable network, reducing the strain on yours. We use leading delivery networks and H.264 encoding to format your video for playback on virtually any device, so all of your content (including high bitrate) is available 24/7/365. We work with several encoders and can suggest the best ones to meet your requirements.

  • Live and On-Demand Streaming

    Provide one convenient online location where the public can access all your audio and video, and meeting content. Choose whether you want to provide live streaming of your meetings or only on-demand viewing after the meeting has concluded.

  • Easy Bookmarking and Keyword Indexing

    When citizens are interested in a particular meeting topic in a video, they can jump directly to that item in one click using bookmarks that you control. Automatic indexing also provides a quick and easy way for people to use keywords to search the agenda, minutes and supporting documents.

  • Analytics

    What topics interest your citizens the most? Key metrics and statistics show which meetings are getting the most viewers and which keywords are being searched. Produce visually clear graphs and reports on viewership, daily site views and online traffic.

  • Meeting Scheduling

    Tired of wasting time setting up meeting after meeting? Instantly create up to a year’s worth with auto-scheduling, and easily tweak and update the specific dates, times, and meeting details in seconds.

  • Subscriptions

    Make it easy for citizens and the media to subscribe to specific meeting content. Use the Favorites feature to 'favorite' specific meetings, providing easy viewing later.

  • Customized Citizen Portal

    Create a seamless experience for your public with an iFrame or dedicated page with a customized user portal that matches your website’s existing design. Allow citizens to view upcoming meetings, search by keyword, and access a complete library of past meetings.

  • Automatic Upgrades

    Customers automatically receive all future upgrades of the system upon release. New features and functions are based on feedback and customers requests.

  • Unlimited Storage

    Never worry about running out of storage space again. SuiteOne gives you unlimited video and storage space, unlike other services which charge additional fees and make budgeting nearly impossible. All content from every meeting is easily accessed with no limitation whatsoever.

  • Integrated with Agenda Management

    SuiteOne was designed to work with agenda management solutions. The SuiteOne Public Portal seamlessly integrates with any third party agenda management solution, including the AgendaQuick agenda management solution available through JCG Technologies, Inc.