SuiteOne Media Inc.

In 2010 SuiteOne was formed at the request of its partners and customers. Public entities were being charged ridiculously high prices to webcast their meetings, even though bandwidth and server costs for hosted applications were quickly dropping.

SuiteView, a cost effective audio and video live streaming and on-demand service, was launched to provide citizens and staff instant access to all your meeting content including agendas, minutes and supporting documents. Everything is synced to your agency's video and audio content for quick lookups on specific topics or meetings.

SuiteView is used by councils, boards, commissions, and agencies throughout the US.

In 2016 SuiteOne Media was acquired by JCG Technologies, Inc. (JCG)

JCG Technoloiges, Inc.

Committed to Saving our Clients Time and Money

JCG was founded in 2000 with a simple goal in mind; provide cost effective, easy to use solutions that save our public sector clients time and money by simplifying workflows and replacing outdated processes with modern technology. We provide integrated solutions that streamline/eliminate tedious manual tasks; making your job easier. We believe solutions should be simple to implement, simple to use and affordable.

All solutions we provide are standards based, and use non-proprietary hardware.

Our Commitment to our Clients

  • Useful Solutions

    It's not about features, bells and whistles. The solutions need to make the process and your job easier.

  • Clients Make the Product Better

    We constantly strive to make the solutions we provide better. No one knows your workflow better than you. We welcome and rely on your feedback.

  • Complete Solutions

    To work well, solutions need to be integrated with your workflows and be complete end to end solutions.

  • Superior Customer Service

    We deliver superior customer service and effective technical support. Only 100% satisfaction is acceptable.

  • Simple to Use and Implement Solutions

    Solutions need to be intuitive. Neither training nor implementation should last for days or weeks.

  • Affordable Solutions

    Solutions are modular. Pay only for what you need. No seat licenses or population based pricing.

  • Our Focus and Success

    Since its founding in 2000, JCG has focused its solutions on the on the public sector; primarily city, county, state, and federal government entities in the Unites States. We work closely with courts, councils, commissions, boards, agencies, and law enforcement. This market and geographic focus enables us to better understand and serve our client's needs.

    Our Solutions

    Over 1,000 clients use JCG solutions to simplify their legal, legislative, and law enforcement workflows and processes. Our solutions include digital audio and video court, meeting, and interview room recording; meeting/minutes management; agenda management; meeting webcasting; meeting voting; and audio/video systems and subsystems.